German Chocolate Cake Recipe

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German Chocolate Cake Recipe

The discovery of German Chocolate Cake flavor from the cocoa powder prompted the making of chocolate-flavored food products like chocolate drinks, chocolate candies, chocolate cakes, etc. In 1931, Duff Organization of Pittsburgh, German Chocolate Cake Food Chocolate cake mixes. Three years later Duncan Hines and General Mills made chocolate cake mixes a commercial success. Since then Chocolate cake is well-liked worldwide. Cake mixes are available to make cakes at home. You can find several local, regional, and global cake mixes of numerous types. The types of chocolate cake are Standard chocolate cake, Layered chocolate cake, Black Forest cake, Chocolate Souffle cake, Devil’s food cake, Ding Dong Cake, Flourless chocolate cake, Fudge cake, Garash Cake, German Chocolate cake, Molten chocolate cake, Red velvet cake, Snowball cake.

Here are few examples of Homemade Chocolate Cake:

Fudge cake recipe

Ingredients: 3 oz Melted square baking chocolates, cup Butter or Margarine, 21/4 cups lightly packed brown sugar, three eggs, 11/2 tsp vanilla, two tsp baking soda, tsp salt, 21/4 cup sifted cake flour, cup daily sour cream, 1 cup boiling water

Tools and preparation

Two 9″ round pans greased and floured

Oven preheated to 3500

Baking time 35 minutes

Large Mixer Bowl

Add butter (when comes to smooth and soft), egg, and brown sugar in mixer bowl and beat with mixer until light and fluffy (about 5 minutes). Beat vanilla and chocolate at low mixer speed then beat baking soda and salt at low speed, add sour cream and flour alternately at low speed. When the mix is smooth, add boiling water. Stir and blend.

Pour the mixer into pans and bake.

Chocolate Strawberry mousse cake recipe

2-hours before serving, beat remaining cream in a medium mixer to form light peaks. Add sugar and beat to kind stiff peaks. Remove the side of the pan and place the cake on serving plate. Add this cream mix at the top of the cake. Add remaining strawberries at the top.

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