Grilling Tips – How to Grill Tilapia Perfectly

Staff February 25, 2017 0
Grilling Tips – How to Grill Tilapia Perfectly

Fish are one of the most common grilled favorites, but the most popular ones are tilapia and salmon. While the meat of tilapia is tender, it is firm enough, making it easy to be grilled as it will not fall apart, and its taste is mild and delicate. With the right type of seasoning and sauces, tilapia can become extremely tasty. However, before you can do anything, you should know how to grill tilapia. Thus, here is how to make grilled tilapia for the beginners.

To start off, you will need to choose tilapia that is suitable for grilling. It should be about an inch thick, which makes it easier to grill. To prepare the tilapia to be grilled, you can lightly apply some oil on both sides. You could even season the tilapia on both sides with your very own marinade or spices, although the most basic would be just some salt and pepper, or even cayenne pepper or lemon pepper for a stronger taste. It is really up to you for its seasoning, but you can follow the rest of the instructions to get it grilled properly.

Set the grill at medium heat, unless you are planning to blacken the tilapia, which you can use medium-high heat instead. Make sure the heat and height of the fire of the grill remain consistent so that they do not touch the tilapia. In order to prevent the tilapia from sticking to the grill, spray some non-stick cooking spray or apply some oil on the grill where the tilapia will be placed. Use a spatula to flip the tilapia so it does not fall apart.

It will take about ten minutes for your tilapia to be grilled properly if they are kept away from the flames or only uses indirect heat; however, if it is placed directly on the grill, it can take about five minutes instead. To make sure that the tilapia is cooked, check for whitened meat with clear juices. Once you see them, they are done. Serve and enjoy!

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