Home Baking Substitutions

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Home Baking Substitutions

Everyone’s life is so busy these days. It can be tempting to just grab a couple of prepackaged sweet treats from the bakery while you do your grocery shopping. There is no denying that these items are convenient and appealing and if you are simply looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, a bakery fresh pie or cake will easily do the job. If you truly want what is best for yourself and your family, convenience should not be your only concern. When it comes to making the best decisions, there are several areas where home baked goods are superior to grocery store selections.

When you are the one doing the baking, you have total creative control. You aren’t limited to what’s available at the bakery or to a specific baking Substitutions. If there is a particular type of bread you want, simply find a suitable wholemeal loaf recipe, and there’s no reason why you can’t have it right away and to your exact specifications. You can use butterscotch chips instead of chocolate ones; you can make one layer of cake vanilla and another strawberry and then cover the whole thing with a pineapple glaze. Maybe you just want to make a traditional cobbler, but you would like more crust and less fruit. When you are the baker, then you are in charge. Baking at home gives you the chance to use your creativity and you might have stubble upon a recipe that could become your signature dish.Butter,butter is one of the biggest offenders in baking, adding a lot of unnecessary fat and salt to your recipes.

While it is indeed a lovely taste and can make baked goods taste rich and smooth, you can substitute applesauce in your recipes to reduce the fat content and create a healthier item. Taking out the butter, you can reduce the trans fat, which is known to impact your overall health negatively. For the substitution, use half of the amount of butter, e.g. if the recipe calls for two cups of butter, use one cup of applesauce. Applesauce can add a subtle sweetness to your baked goods.

Eggs or Egg Whites?

Eggs are used as a binder in recipes, as is flour, but the extra fat and calories in the yolk can wreak havoc on the body. Instead of using the entire egg, substitute it for egg whites. Use two egg whites for one whole egg. Or you can use the egg white and egg substitute in the recipe. Use ¼ cup of egg white and egg substitute for each egg the recipe requires. You can save yourself some calories and fat by switching the eggs out.

Low-Fat and Fat-Free

Many products have lower fat and fat-free counterparts that you can use in your baking. If the recipe calls for milk, try using skim milk or 2 percent milk instead. Cream cheese and yogurt have similar counterparts, so considering getting a lower fat, lower calorie item to substitute.
What About Meat?
If you are baking a nice savory dish, but want to make it healthier, there are plenty of options you can consider to reduce the fat and calories consumed. If the recipe calls for ground beef, substitute the beef for turkey beef. There are a lot of turkey substitutes that you can use to make your dishes healthier. Turkey bacon and turkey sausage can substitute for ground beef and bacon. You can even switch out the beef for tofu, if you are looking for a good vegetarian substitute, or just remove the beef and use more vegetables.

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